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About Monmouth Canoe

The company owners and founders (founded 1977) are Sue & Graham Symonds.

The Story

Graham spent a large part of his life on the river kayaking and rowing, he rowed a double for Wales and whenever he could he enjoyed kayak adventures in fibreglass boats he made in his living room, at one point he got his hands on a lot of fibreglass, resulting in quite a few kayaks, one day not long after in the mid seventies a neighbour knocked on his door and asked if they could hire some canoes, Graham said "sure thing, do you want a lift?"  the neighbours asked why they don't just get on in Monmouth? Graham explained, "there's a good current, you can't paddle upstream, if I put you on by there no matter how hard you paddle you'll still be in the same place in two hours, if you go with the flow it's much easier and you'll go much furthur seeing lots more scenery and wildlife". "That' a great idea said the neighbour, I'm sure the whole world will agree!" 

And so they did, allowing Graham and Sue to invest in a minibus and some open canadian canoes to add to their kayak collection, this inturn allowed them to invest in the premises where the centre is located today. You'll find them both there, Sue running round organising trips and utilising her accounts training and Graham making something innovative, they always run around a lot, they have both run the London Marathon several times, in the off season they enjoy trekking and rafting in the Nepalese and Tibetan Himalaya or some great walks in the Welsh mountains.

The Seasons

The season primarily runs from March to November, through the winter we run guided trips on the river and other activities such as walks, climbing and gorge walking around the Wye Valley, Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons.

Heavy rain in the catchment area of mid Wales can affect river conditions and is very unpredictable as to the time of year and can rise unexpectantly; we can usually tell a couple of days in advance when the lower river is about to rise and take precautions in good time;  BUT THERE ARE OCCASIONS WHEN the river rises and is out of our control NOT allowing us time to contact you especially the EARLY bookings in the diary and we have to disappoint. Please see Cancellation Policy.  full refund would be given in this event.

See link:   Today's  Weather  in Monmouth

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