River Wye Canoe & kayaking Hire

We hire Canadian canoes and kayaks on the river Wye in Monmouthshire south wales, explore the stunning Wye Valley from the river, one of the best ways to enjoy, relax and take in this breathtaking area of outstanding natural beauty. Suitable for all, Canoes or kayaks can be booked for a half-day, full-day or multiple days hire giving you the opportunity to travel a relaxed section of the wye passing through the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley AONB. The river follows the Welsh English Border for much of the lower Valley, steeped in ancient relics.

We can help to arrange accommodation or camping for overnight trips. We provide transportation for you, your canoes, and kayaks to your chosen start location and meet you back at the finish of your trip where our premises are. For Multiple day/overnight trips, we can give you campsite/B&Boptions. For information and interactive planning map see the RIVER TRIPS section or email us so that we can advise you on your options.

River Canoe & kayak trips include:

Canoe hire prices include all equipment: Transport , buoyancy aids, paddles, dry storage barrels, map, briefing, and helmets for U18’s compulsory – Adults only compulsory for the Grade 2 rapids Trip.

Canoe & kayak Hire - How It Works


Canoe or Kayak Hire

Decide on a hire period, Choose from canoe or kayak, Pick a river trip.


A quick safety briefing/ issue of personal safety equipment.


We provide transportation to your starting or from your finishing location.


The Wye Valley and have fun meandering the river, stopping off along the way.

Canoe & Kayak Hire Prices & Self Guided River Trips

A range of canoes and kayaks are available for hire for your desired duration, we recommend picking your river trip based on the duration of hire. The tabs below offer a selection of boats to choose from and a range of exciting trips along the river Wye All trips are suitable for all skill levels both adults and kids and do not require an instructor present. Should wish to benefit from a guided instructor led River trip please see our Guided River Trips we offer

Canoe & Kayak hire on the river Wye 7 days a week during spring and summer, autumn time is subject to river conditions

Please note: During Nov – March (out of season) please ring in advance to make a Guided booking during this time – weather/river conditions permitting

Half-Day Trips: Please Check timings for your chosen half-day trip when enquiring or booking for Huntsham Bridge or Monmouth to Whitebrook
Full Day Trips: Kerne Bridge – 8.30 am – 4 pm

Canoe & Kayak Hire Price list

Boat Type 1/2 Day 3/4 & Full Day Overnight Rate
2 Person Canoe £60 £70 £80+ Transport
3 Person Canoe £90 £105 £115+ T
* Family of 4  with under 12’s (2 Canoes Rafted) £100 £120 £130+ T
* Family of 5  with under 12’s (2 Canoes Rafted) £100 £120 £130+ T
Single Kayak (closed cockpit) £40 £50 £50+ T
Double Kayak (closed cockpit) £70 £80 £90+ T
4 & 5-person canoes are suitable only for small families with children under 12yrs – we provide two canoes rafted together .
Transportation costs are included for half & full day hire – Overnight hire + transportation to launch site
*Kerne Bridge Trip – NEW – launching fees are now applicable + £3 per canoe/kayak ( launch fees are payable separately to the Warden on top of your canoe hire)
WHAT BOAT IS BEST FOR ME? View our guide on the  different types of Canoes & Kayaks
Large Groups – need to enquire about a Bespoke price

Please ring 01600 716083 or email info@monmouthcanoe.co.uk


A beautiful trip with a gentle flow, this is our easiest trip and suitable for everyone, if you haven’t been and are unsure of your ability call us to arrange a lesson, after a route briefing and safety brief you’ll have a couple of hours paddle down to the meeting point where we will pick you up and bring you back. The beautiful little Boat Inn is half-way at Redbrook where you can stop for a refreshment.


Distance: 5 miles

Duration: 1/2 Day


New for 2024:  River Trip Times Extended  Now A 3/4 day Activity

A great trip, this is our most popular trip and suitable for people who can control a boat well, call us if you are unsure, more challenging than Monmouth to Whitebrook, after a route briefing and safety brief we drive to the start point at Huntsham Bridge, then help you launch, after around 45 minutes you’re into Symonds Yat, you can stop for lunch at Ye Olde Ferrie Inne or The Royal Lodge, then continue through the famous Symonds Yat Rapids to Monmouth. Trip duration: 3/4 Day River Trip

Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 3/4 Day


The classic Wye Tour full day trip, this is the trip made famous by Wordsworth and Gilpin, where tourism was born in England and Wales. You pass outstanding scenery all day long, Coldwell rocks and the river after Symonds Yat rapids are the most outstanding, not to be missed, pubs are located in Symonds Yat for your lunch or you can take your own, run the rapids and float through the forest of Dean by the Biblins and Severn Sisters Rocks to Monmouth. If this is your first time and you are unsure of your ability we advise calling us to arrange a quick lesson and enquire about the Monmouth to Whitebrook half-day trip or book a guide. Please Note: This River trip has additional launching fees applicable -£2 per canoe/kayak  


Distance: 14.5 miles

Duration: Full Day

River Trips Equipment provided: Transport, Buoyancy aids, Helmets, Dry storage barrels, Paddles


The classic Wye 2 day trip, you canoe past excellent scenery, Symonds Yat Rock and rapids and finish in Monmouth. Camping recommended at Welsh Bicknor YHA or Symonds Yat. See our map in ‘River Trips’ for campsite details, advance bookings required.


Distance: 20 Miles

Duration: Two Days

River Trips Equipment provided: Transport, Buoyancy aids, Helmets, Dry storage barrels, Paddles


This is a full 2 -3 day trip, it requires an early start or we can drop you off the night before to camp at Tresseck Farm. You canoe past excellent scenery, through Ross-on-Wye, Symonds Yat Rock and rapids and finish in Monmouth. Camping recommended at Ross-on-Wye or Welsh Bicknor YHA. See our map in ‘River Trips’ for campsite details, advance bookings required.

Other overnight trips are available from Glasbury to Chepstow depending on the length of overnight stay please enquire and such trips will be planned out for your group.


Distance: 30 Miles

Duration: Two Days

River Trips Equipment provided: Transport, Buoyancy aids, Helmets, Dry storage barrels, Paddles


Symonds Yat Rapids

Symonds Yat Rapid is graded 2, it is recommended that you have experience in canoeing, and if you are new to canoeing consider doing it under professional guidance especially if you are just one single canoe. We have a flat-screen presentation of the route with video of the rapids describing the way through. There is an amount of risk involved as with all adventure activities, canoes can capsize and rapids contain rocks and fast water, and a canoe full of water can weigh several tons.

Children Under 12 can only do the rapids in rafted canoes sitting in the middle of canoes that are rafted together with adults front and back unless they are in a boat with intermediate to advanced-level adults.

If you are more than one canoe in your group and contain novices we strongly advise that canoes should be rafted up in pairs for this stretch of water.
It is possible to inspect the rapids by getting out on the East side by the Saracens Head on the left hand side of the river and walk to where the rapids are along the footpath.



Class I

Easy, Waves small, passages clear, no serious obstacles

Class II

Moderate, Rapids of moderate difficulty with passages clear

Class III

Difficult, Waves numerous, high, irregular; rocks; eddies; rapids with passages clear though narrow.

Class IV

Very Difficult, Long rapids; waves high, irregular; dangerous rocks; boiling eddies; powerful and precise maneuvering required. Demands expert boatman and excellent boat and good quality equipment.

Class V

Un-runnable, Risk of death greater than chance of success.

Recommended Routes

Route: Kerne Bridge To Monmouth River trip
Duration:  Full Day Canoe, Kayak  River Trip
Distance: 14.5 Miles
Lunch: Symonds Yat pub
Rapids: Symonds Yat rapids ( Grade 2 rapids)
Transportation:Transport to Kerne Bridge, Canoe or Kayak back to Monmouth
Launch Fees: Kerne Bridge Trip launching fees applicable payable direct to Warden on the
day at launch point

Route: Huntsham To Monmouth River Trip
Duration: 3/4 Day River trip
Distance: Day 7 miles
Lunch: Ye Olde Ferrie Inne or at The Royal Lodge
Rapids: Grade 2 Symonds Yat rapids
Transportation:Transport to Huntsham bridge, Canoe, Kayak back to Monmouth

Route: Monmouth to Whitebrook  (1/2 day) River Trip
Duration: 1/2 Day Canoeing or kayaking
Distance: 5 miles
Refreshments: Boat Inn @ Redbrook
Rapids:  n/a
Transportation: Canoe, Kayak from Monmouth, Return Transport From Whitebrook

Route: Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth
Duration: 2 Full Days
Distance: 20 Miles total – Day 1: 9 miles, Day 2: 11 Miles
Camping: Camping recommended at Welsh Bicknor YHA or Symonds Yat
Lunch: Symonds Yat Pubs
Rapids: Grade 2 Symonds Yat rapids
Transportation:Transport from Monmouth to Ross-On-Wye, Canoe, Kayak back to Monmouth

Route: Hoarwithy to Monmouth
Duration: 2/ 3 Days
Distance: 30 miles – Day 1 – 18 miles, 2nd day 12 miles or  can be split over 3 days
Camping: Camping /B&B – Welsh Bicknor YHA for 2 days
Lunch: Ross-on-Wye
Rapids: Grade 2 Symonds Yat rapids
Transportation: Transport from Monmouth to start – option of Canoe/kayak if over 2 days – Canoe only
if over 3 days

Route: Hoarwithy to Monmouth
Duration: 2/ 3 Days
Distance:  Option 1: 46 miles- 3 days or longer , Option 2:  38 miles Holme Lacey 2/3 days
Details of Trip will be planned for you on booking

Route: Hoarwithy to Monmouth
Duration: 5 or 6 Days / can be longer if required
Distance:  80 miles
Details of Trip will be planned for you on booking