Bespoke Group Outdoor Activities in the Wye Valley

We can organise bespoke Group Activities on the unlicenseable part of the River Wye for Youth Groups

We also offer great outdoor  group activities for adult groups such as Stag & Hen groups, Businesses & Corporate groups and Birthday Parties.

Whichever type of Group you are why not let Monmouth Canoe & Activity Centre organise  a fun-filled event.  We can arrange single or multiple activity spread over a number of days whichever is most suitable for your group to experience a fun-packed visit to the Wye Valley.   Simply choose from our range of Group activities below and provide us with details of your group event, let us know what you’d like to get out of your event, together with the number of participants and the duration of your event for a Group Activity bespoke quotation. Ideal activities for larger groups we highly recommend Canoeing, Kayaking,Raft-building,  where everyone of all levels can be involved together.



Group Activities & Overnight Camping

Group Activities overnight camping

We have our own campsite situated on the banks of the river  Wye behind Monmouth Canoe Centre where you can camp overnight with your group- facilities include showers, toilets, and a launch point. We also have limited accommodation with our unique Camping Pods–  please see the Camping/Pods section of our website for more information.

Groups We Provide Activities For

Youth Groups

For youth and community groups we offer half day  or full day river trips.

The full day is more suited to older kids and young adults. The half day is suitable for all ages and those with less time or budget. The session begins with an introduction and practice at Monmouth, then when the group is ready the trip commences downstream there are some swift mini rapids to add to the challenge and excitement with our instructors directing the group, there is a couple of tributaries joining the Wye which are great for an exploration. Then the river opens out and provides some lovely stretches of water and if time for a few games or even a swim (weather permitting) before continuing your journey to your endpoint.

This River trip may also be done from mid morning to mid afternoon with time to stop for a picnic on route allowing you time to travel to us and back in the afternoon. Raft-building is also a popular half day session for youth groups. See the Adventure Activities page for more detail on these. If you are staying at the Biblins we can often provide trips to and from there or on site.

Stag & Hen Groups

We also offer our Adventure Activities or a shorter river trip on a Sunday morning is always an eye-opener! Get in touch for a quote for your group, we have loads of experience and take a lot of the hassle out of the planning and organising allowing you to enjoy your trip/weekend.

Scout & Guide Association Groups Canoe & kayak river Wye actvities

Scout & Guide Association Groups

River Trips & Adventure Activities  for Scout & Guide Association Groups

Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Beavers, and Cubs are all more than welcome, we provide a comprehensive range of outdoor activities and can cater to a range of skill levels in groups as they tend to vary from novice to advanced in such group Associations. Activities include canoeing, kayaking, raft-building. Half day sessions, full or half day river trips, on site sessions and multi day river journeys are all available to you.

Please note: Whilst we no longer hold the AALA licence required for Under 18’s.   We are still able to provide canoe trips that do not include the Symonds Yat Rapid section.  We can include trips such as the Biblins to Monmouth and Monmouth to Whitebrook which are not on the licensable part of the river Wye.

School Groups

We have many years of experience catering for school groups, both those on residential camps locally and those travelling to the area for the day. We can provide multi-activity days for large schools with several sub groups so they can experience a range of activities. Adventure Activities include canoeing, kayaking, raft-building, see the Adventure Activities page for more info. At the Biblins campsite we can provide half-day sessions in canoeing, kayaking and raft-building.

Full day river trips are very popular as the group will all be together, it is easier logistically and very social, there are some nice spots to stop for a picnic on route, easy rapids for extra excitement and opportunity to see what they have been learning about in Geography, there’s plenty of wildlife to spot and of course games to play to practice skills that have been learnt. If you want to incorporate specific learning into the trip please contact us to discuss how you would like to do this.

Please note: We no longer hold the AALA licence required for Under 18’s. We can provide canoe trips that do not include the Symonds Yat Rapid section such as Biblins down to Monmouth and Monmouth to Whitebrook which are not on the licensable part of the river.

Businesses & Corporate Groups

Businesses and Corporate Group events

We offer a range of activities and trips which will fit in with your timescale, if you have something in particular in mind we can put together a trip, package or event for you. Whether you want to entertain clients for an enjoyable pub lunch and afternoon canoe trip or take your whole team away for an overnight trip as a reward or so they can get to know each other we have something for you.

We are visited by lots of departments from the South West and South Wales who like to bring their team for a half-day of raft-building or a canoe trip as they are great team activities with a lot of fun, gentle banter and great spirit. Stay overnight in tipis and have a party too, midweek(Mon-Thurs nights) you can have exclusive use of the group tipi site, a Diy BBQ delivery and acamp fire , see www.wyetipicamping.co.uk for details on that.

Birthday Parties & Private Events

Kids Birthday Party Activity Sessions

Some kids love outdoor activities and sessions for parties are ever more popular, kayaking, canoeing, or raft-building will provide a memorable fun afternoon for your children and their friends on their birthday. An afternoon kayaking session is the most popular for birthdays, they can have an adventure, explore the river, play some games, run rapids, have a water fight and even if a swim if it’s nice. Our experienced instructors will make sure they all enjoy themselves safely and have the time of their lives! Don’t forget a change of clothes, shoes, towel.  

Adult Party Groups

Want to do something special for a big birthday or special occasion?

  We get lots of people celebrating 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays. Why not come to do a canoe trip during the day down the fantastic scenic River Wye, you can stop on route for a picnic or a pub lunch, run the famous Symonds Yat rapids, then float down the beautiful forested valley past the Biblins and the Severn Sisters cliffs along the Welsh border back to Monmouth.

If you fancy making a weekend of it you can stay in some tipis or bell tents just along the riverside in Monmouth, the site is for groups with each group having their own private area, their own central fireplace, and options for Diy BBQ deliveries or you can walk 10 minutes into town for pubs and restaurants, the site is near the A40 on the riverside, see www.wyetipicamping.co.uk for more info. The next day you can either do another canoe trip continuing on further down the river, a different activity altogether or take it easy and depart for home.

Group Activities- How it Works

The activities we offer are aimed at Groups  to create their own bespoke events, activities are run generally in groups of 8-10 per instructor, event days can be made up of  a number of different types outdoor activities  depending on group numbers, ages and abilities. It’s easy to organise your bespoke Group Activities in the Wye Valley with Monmouth Canoe.


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Enjoy great group days out, with the best activity experience in the Wye Valley