Monmouth Canoe Terms & Conditions


  1. The Proprietors of the Centre will not be liable in any circumstances for any loss or damage
    caused by customers either on or off our premises including any items that may have been
    left at the Centre during their time of hire
  2. THE ORGANISER of a booking will need to call to make a booking to reserve spaces and pay a
    deposit (the booking will be confirmed to you by email). Also to ensure group members read
    our “terms and conditions” and confirmation email with all the information required for the
    booking and also accept any advice and guidance advised by the Centre if necessary.
    ANY MEDICALS such as asthma, diabetes heart disease/ non-swimmers/any mobility issues or
    injuries must be declared before the date. Anyone that is pregnant or epileptic cannot
    participate. All participants on the day will be required to sign an Acknowledgement of Risk
    Form declaring any medical which could aggravate their abilities to paddle and also accepting
    that canoeing can be a hazardous activity and they are taking part at their own risk. Unsure
    ask the Centre Staff for advice.
  3. PAYMENTS are made by debit card preferred or cash. WE do not accept American Express
  4. SAFETY ON THE RIVER – all the trips are Unguided unless you have pre-booked a Guide at an
    extra cost. If you have a problem on the river we are contactable on the number given at the
    time of the booking – clear instructions should be given for us to organise a rescue.
  5. LARGE Groups please seek the advice of the Centre – we may advise the group to be guided.
    Stag/Hen groups are Guided
  6. NO inappropriate fancy dress.
  7. LATE ARRIVALS – If you miss your booking time then we will endeavour to fit you in at a later
    time but this cannot always be guaranteed.
  8. U 18’s MUST be with adult parents/guardians. Min. age 4yrs upwards.
  9. ALL EQUIPMENT especially Buoyancy Aids provided by the Centre must be worn at all times on
    the river with no exception – Helmets also provided for all for the Symonds Yat Rapids trip.
  10. BARRELS/DRY SACK will be provided for your personal possessions – we cannot guarantee 100%
    totally dry. Customer’s responsibility to check that lids are on barrels.
  11. THE CUSTOMER is responsible when leaving the river at the endpoint for returning all of our
    equipment including your belongings back to the Centre to be checked in
  12. LOSS OR DAMAGE to equipment will be charged for depending on the item – if leaving your
    equipment it should be within your sight at all times, especially in busy places.
  13. IF you or members of your group finish later than one hour after the expected time there will be
    an appropriate penalty of £15 per hour per canoe. After 6 pm £20 per hour
  14. WE OPERATE A ZERO ALCOHOL/SUBSTANCE POLICY. It should not be consumed/used before
    your trip. We will not allow alcohol to be carried in the canoes or on our transportation we
    reserve the right to confiscate it until you return.
  15. WE reserve the right to refuse or cancel any booking without notice
  16. IF THE Centre is alerted to a problematic group on the water or on land we will take steps to
    remove the canoes without a refund
  18. SWIMMING – The Centre does not recommend it
  19. NO LOUD MUSIC to be taken on the river please be respectful of the wildlife
  20. DOGS that are well behaved are welcomed. 2 dogs max per canoe.
  21. PLEASE be courteous to other users on the River and pass by quickly and quietly
  22. CUSTOMERS SHOULD BE AWARE that the river is managed by the Environment Agency and they
    protect the river and the surrounding environment. They recommend that anyone stopping on
    the riverbank or beachy parts of the river should be aware that it is private land and that care
    should be taken not to damage these areas as well as could be trespassing without the prior
    consent of the landowner.
  23. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER the river with your rubbish – Take all litter home with you.
  24. SINGLE KAYAKERS must be over 18 years of age and must have had training or experience ideally
    Canoe England Paddlesport equivalent to One Star or enough experience to satisfy Centre Staff
    of your ability or take a Guide/Instructor with you (pre-booking required)
  25. ADULTS supervising U 18’s in single kayaks must be a minimum of BCU 2 star or equivalent or
    with enough experience to satisfy Centre Staff.
  26. THE RIVER WYE CAN RISE very quickly and unexpectedly especially overnight when we have had
    a lot of rain and your booking could be cancelled at a moment’s notice we will endeavour to let
    you know as soon as we know by all means of communication given to us. In this event, a full
    refund will be given or transferred to a mutually agreed date.


  1. CANCELLATION POLICY – 48 hours’ notice for cancellation is required for general hire to refund
    your deposit. We will if possible transfer you to another date if applicable.
  2. CANCELLATIONS on the day will result in full payment.



  • DEBIT CARD transactions are FREE