Boat Type Boat Size Capacity Suitability level
Canoe 2 man Canoe 2 Adults Everyone
Canoe 3 man Canoe 3 Adults or 2 adults & 1 child Everyone
Canoe 4 man Canoe 2 Adults, 2 children (under 12)'s Everyone
Kayak Single 1 Adult prior training in capsize/x rescue
Kayak Double 2 Adults or 1 adult & 1 child prior Kayak training in capsize/x rescue

Canadian Canoes

Open/Canadian style, single blade paddle, native North American origin.
Best paddled as two man boats by adults, 3 person canoes are good for when there is an odd number in your group. (ie. if you are 9 adults take 3 two man canoes and 1 three man canoe) These are great family boats, which can be joined in pairs as rafted canoes for the rapids or for the nervous.

If you are a small family (children under 12yrs when booking) – we will give you two canoes rafted together. We use a mixture of 15’ Grumman(2 person) and 17’ Old Town Canoes.
Suitability Level: everyone
Capacity: 2-3 adults; (2 adults/2 small kids; 2 adults/3 very small kids only suitable for Monmouth to Whitebrook trip with no graded rapids)

Please note:
If your family is considering the Huntsham Bridge trip with Grade 2 rapids please seek the advice of the Centre as to the suitability of one family with young children under 12 years in the front seats of rafted canoes to come through the rapids.

RAFTED CANOES – Pairing Canoes Together

This is a very fun, safe and social way of enjoying the river. We join a pair of canoes parallel with a spar across the centre making a catamaran style boat. They are pretty much impossible to capsize, very stable to control, great for young families and anyone not so sure.

It is possible to raft any pair of canoes together even if an odd number. This is compulsory with U12’s on any trip through Symonds Yat rapids unless with Intermediate – Advanced paddlers(see our page on Skill & Experience levels).

One small family with children U12yrs we are more than happy to give you two canoes rafted together for stability and peace of mind to do the Monmouth to Whitebrook trip.

KAYAKS (CLOSED COCKPIT) not sit-on tops

Sit in, double blade paddle, Inuit Eskimo design. Our boats are 1 man Dagger Approach Expedition kayaks, excellent all-rounders and 2 person Double Kayaks. Fully equipped with seat pads, backrest, thigh grips, footrests and deck hatches. Neither are suitable for camping unless camping equipment is set up in advance.

Suitability Level: 1 person kayak – 1 star award or equivalent experience (ability to control the boat, keep it straight and have practiced a capsize and exit of a kayak) Suitability

Level: 2 person kayak – Beginners (these models are very open and stable, we have found they are great for 1 parent and child as they are easy for the adult to paddle and control)


Canoes come with paddles, buoyancy aids, a map and a dry storage barrel for your belongings(these are not guaranteed although normally dry so don’t bring electricals).

Multi-day 2 man canoe hire comes with 2 XL(120Litre) storage barrels for your camping equipment.

Multi-day 3 man canoes only have space for 1 XL barrel and some personal dry bags.

Kayaks come with asymetrical paddles, buoyancy aids, helmets, a spray-deck and dry bag. Kayaks only have enough space for overnight if you travel super light-weight (bivouac or B&B).